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Trade those post-Christmas blues for tons of Gray

December 28, 2010

Here’s a little something to help you bust out of those post-Christmas blues: Winter Whale Watch Week is underway along the Oregon Coast.

From now until January 1, trained volunteers from the Oregon State Parks Department will be stationed at 26 Whale Watching Spoken Here sites along the coast, with the goal of helping whale lovers spots as many whales as possible. Specifically, you’ll be on the lookout for Gray whales. And there’s plenty to see.

The migration, which lasts into February, is now estimated to include some 18,000 whales. Fresh from fattening themselves in the nutrient rich waters in the Bering and Chukchi seas off of Alaska, the whales hug the Oregon Coast on their way to calving grounds off the Baja Coast—certainly not a bad a place to be this time of year.

Since most whales tend to chug along in an express lane of sorts about 3 to 4 miles out to sea, binoculars and a bit of patience will help when it comes to catching a glimpse.

For a list of designated whale spotting zones with volunteers on hand, check out the parks’ department Whale Spoken site.

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