Take Ten

Columbia’s new iPhone app has you covered ten ways to Sunday.

January 5, 2011

Call it the Swiss Army Knife of iPhone apps. Designed for the list-checkers among us, Columbia’s new Take Ten app allows users to easily reference the 10 essentials that outdoor experts have deemed must-haves for hikers, backpackers, and basically anyone other than Cody Lundin:

Compass (and gps)
Extra clothing (not cotton!)
First-aid kit
Something to eat and drink

Better still, the app also accesses a database of tools and equipment that fall under those ten groups: navigation, fire, insulation, etc. Forgot what exactly you just zipped into you pack? Take Ten has you covered by letting you create a customized gear list for your outings that you can check off as you go (I told you the list-checkers would be overjoyed).

Special note to Cody and your Dual Survivor pal Dave: Columbia’s app lets you set up a trip itinerary that includes your planned route, names of hiking parters joining you, emergency contact info, and trailhead info, making it that much easier to send in the calvary should your plan run afoul.

If disaster does strike, Columbia’s app puts volumes of wilderness self-help articles at your fingertips. (You’ll of course study these before you leave.)

And if it’s not noted in print yet, it’s bound to be soon: No Texting While Hiking.

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