Forest Park on your iPhone

Forest Park Conservancy launches Forest Park iPhone app.

September 2, 2011

Your Labor Day hiking plans just got a whole lot easier. Today Portland Parks and Recreation announced the release of Forest Park PDX, an iPhone app that gives you instant, digitized access to Forest Park Conservancy’s 10-map set, “The Hiking and Running Guide to Forest Park.”

Now you can zoom in on particular trails inside the park—or the park in its entirety—to scope loops complete with elevation gain and mileage. And just like old-school paper maps, this app doesn’t require an internet connection to function—handy for that old-growth induced dead zones you might come across way out on the Wildwood Trail.

Naturally, we have a boy-genius to thank for this creation: the app was developed by Dylan Gattey, a senior at Lincoln High School for the Forest Park Conservancy. The app costs $3.99 and is available on iTunes.

No iPhone? Stroll through Portland Monthly’s July issue for the 22 best hike and bike paths in Forest Park, not to mention a retro, and quite handy foldout trail map.

Happy Trailing.

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