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Astoria Uncovered

15 places you shouldn’t miss on your next visit to this 200-year-old coastal town

February 23, 2012

The city’s history may stretch back for centuries, but in some circles Astoria’s biggest claim to fame is serving as the setting for The Goonies. Housed in the jail used in the film’s opening scene, this museum is an altar for Gooniephiles, with props, original scripts, and memorabilia. Some of the city’s other cinematic achievements, such as Kindergarten Cop and Free Willy, are also chronicled here.

This weekend Astoria hosts the 15th annual Fisher Poet’s Gathering, a heralded celebration that brings together Northwest fishermen and women to share salty tales and touching lines in a smattering of intimate Astoria venues. But even if iambic pentameter isn’t your passion, Astoria’s stark beauty and rich history offer plenty of other reasons (15 to be exact) to make this quaint coastal town your weekend destination. View our slideshow to start planning your itinerary.

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