Room with a View: Port Orford's Panoramic Escape

A uniquely designed home with world-class views of the Pacific awaits discovery in Port Orford.

By Kasey Cordell March 12, 2013

Just one mile from Port Orford, the 540-square-foot Muse Guest House sits surrounded by coastal forest near two other homes, though clever design prevents them from being visible from anywhere in the house.

Planted 200 feet above the ocean, Port Orford's Muse Guest House offers one of the best perspectives on the Oregon coast you can get without climbing into a helicopter. Built by musician-turned-designer Gary Robertson, the guesthouse—which just opened last summer—boasts 40 breath-stealing miles of beach spread out below your wind-protected patio and glass-walled living room. And at $175 a night, it's a bargain view, too. (So long as you stay for a few days since they cleaning fee is another $100.) For a closer look at this private rental, including a unique outdoor rain shower, check out our slide show.

Book it: chinamountainhouse.com

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