House Spirits Lands at PDX Airport

On Monday, the popular Portland distiller will unveil a brand new tasting-room and retail outlet on Concourse D

By Alisha Gorder August 9, 2013

Rendering of the new retail outlet on Concourse D

Image: House Spirits

The high-end booze options for Portland flyers just keep growing.

On Monday, August 12, House Spirits Distillery open its new retail outlet at Portland International Airport.

The new retail outlet will resemble the distiller's Southeast headquarters and carry branded apparel and cocktailware in addition to its line of seven award-winning spirits.  Open 365 days a year in Concourse D, House Spirit’s concession is the perfect place to pick up a last minute gift, and the on-site tastings offer a fine remedy for flight delays.  

House Spirits' aptly named Aviation Gin

Image: brand0con

House Spirits Distillery—one of the six distilleries in the Southeast Portland's so-called "Distillery Row"—has been filling glasses since 2004 with batch-distilled spirits like its Westward Oregon Straight Malt Whiskey and Volstead Vodka.  The business has grown by 82% in the last year alone, and the opening of a second retail location can only help things along. 

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