Help Arrives for Vacation Rental Owners

From website creation to booking, Lodgify aims to be the one-stop-shop for vacation rental owners

By Caitlin Feldman September 10, 2013

In addition to maintaining their physical properties, vacation rental owners need to devote excess time and energy to maintaining their virtual properties, as well. That means paying constant attention to separate sites on multiple platforms, just to keep all information current, accurate, and beautifully presented. 

Enter Lodgify, a Barcelona-based startup, focused on reducing the time, hassle, and diffculty of maintaining a property's online presence.

When co-founders Dennis Klett and M. De Gregorio’s parents needed help renting out their vacation properties, they saw an opportunity. Nothing existed allowing vacation property renters to easily create websites displaying their properties and manually manage bookings and information.

“We figured that our parents weren’t the only ones facing these challenges and realized this software of ours would help others, as well,” said Sharma, head of marketing and business development at Lodgify, in an email. 

The end result features a “book now” function so customers can pay with a credit card (using Stripe or Paypal), mobile capability, custom page builders, and an advanced channel manager—meaning all information can be managed from one place. To increase simplicity, Lodgify has already teamed up with sites like 9Flats and Roomorama, with more integration planned for the future. Plans for Lodgify start at $9 a month.

“We're bringing something young and fresh into the vacation rental industry,” Sharma said. “We want customers to equate Lodgify to simplicity, design, and innovation.”

All the elements are present to make Lodgify the go-to for vacation rental owners and property managers. Sharma hopes this will become a reality, and that Lodgify will continue to grow with the growing vacation rental market.

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