Backpacks for Dogs (Yup!)

Local outdoors company Bravery Loyalty Goods launches a Kickstarter campaign to turn your pooch into a Sherpa pack animal.

By Haley Martin November 4, 2013

A dog wearing Bravery's PCT Pack

It was only a matter of time. Portlanders love their dogs as much as they love hiking. So maybe it’s not surprising that they want to outfit their dogs in quality hiking gear.

Enter Bravery Loyalty Goods, a local startup that specializes in “adventure gear for active people and their dogs.”

Co-founders Patrick Triato and Summer Killingsworth take their dog backpacking every chance they can get. But after their dog was injured due to design flaws in her pack, they noticed common problems among other brands: “Packs shifting from one side to the other, constantly needing to be adjusted upright, straps chaffing under legs,” Triato says. “The most obvious issue is all of the attachments are on the under-side of the dog.”

Frustrated by the lack of functional K9 hiking equipment on the market, they decided to create their own—the PCT Adventure Pack (named after the arduous Pacific Crest Trail.) Designed with a sleek and simple aesthetic, the pack fastens on top of the dog with minimal straps and detachable waterproof pouches to hold things like dog food, poo bags, water, leash, LED lights, etc.

After a dozen different prototypes they have finalized designs, but to get started on production, Triato and Killingsworth looked to the crowd funding platform Kickstarter. With 62 backers, Bravery has raised $10,000 of their ambitious $45,000 goal to start development on their signature product. There are only a few days remaining in their funding period, but they’re not giving up.

Whether they reach the Kickstarter goal or not, they plan on having the pack available online by 2014. “We really believe in what we've created, and feel like we've designed solutions for issues that a lot of dog owners face. It's important to us that we share Bravery with other dogs who deserve to adventure in comfort,” Triato says.

The pack will retail for about $130 and will be available in small, medium and large

“Starting a company in this city is incredible- there is such a strong sense of community. People have commented that Bravery is the ‘Arc’teryx for dogs’ with how well-thought out and customizable the PCT system is,” he says.

The company has also developed collars and adjustable leashes that can tie around the waist for hands-free dog-walking. Bravery’s next Kickstarter venture is “Beastie”- the first ever digitally customizable pet toy.

View Bravery's Kickstarter campaign here

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