A Peek at PDX Airport’s New Carpet

We reveal the new carpet design to replace the Portland International Airport's 25-year-old rug next year

By Cari Johnson December 12, 2013

A digital rendition of what the new carpet will look like in the Oregon Market

Despite 14 acres of our iconic carpet being torn out at the Portland airport next year, the beloved era of 80s-esque teal and geometric shapes will nevertheless carry on.

 In case you’ve been living under a rock (or haven’t read our Ode on a Carpet), the Port of Portland announced that the carpet will be replaced in winter 2014-2015. The new design is based on organic and man-made shapes found around the airport, referencing flight, nature and structures at PDX.

“The Port hopes that travelers will grow to appreciate elements of the new carpet design over time, just as much as the old,” says Annie Linstrom, a spokeswoman for the Port of Portland. 

The new design, coming 2014-2015

The original design was based on the view of PDX airfield from the tower—the intersection of north and south runways. A few years ago, local firm Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects conceptualized a design for the replacement. The final product includes mood-enhancing colors and a new repeating pattern, while clearly preserving key elements from the original 1987 design.

Travelers have bustled along the carpet for over 25 years. After a recent facility review, the airport determined that the carpet had met or exceeded its commercial lifespan. “Much of the carpet is showing its age through significant wear and tear, stains and spooling, and piecemeal repairs throughout,” says Linstrom.

In June 2013, Portland-based firm Hennebery Eddy Architects was selected to flesh out the details of the carpet installation, including which durable materials to use and the logistics of upcoming construction. 

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