Delta's Big Boarding Pass Blunder

When confirmation numbers go very wrong.

By Alexandria Bordas December 27, 2013

We anxiously wait in line to pass through security.  We begrudgingly empty our water bottles, unload our laptops and walk through the security scanner (arms overhead, legs in open stance, boarding pass in hand).  We shove the pass in our pocket and proceed to our gate (maybe stopping at the bar for a cocktail?). 

Amidst all this distraction, the confirmation code printed on our boarding pass is probably the last thing that could ever catch our eye. 

Unless we see a code reading H8GAYS.

This is what one passenger saw as he glanced at his Delta Airlines boarding pass in early December while boarding a flight from Pensacola, FL.  Naturally, White was shocked.

“I was worried that another customer might think I somehow picked that code," White told the Washington Post. "If I were a gay male, I might have thought that a Delta worker purposely gave me that code, and that would have made me extremely uncomfortable.”

Airlines have the ability to block certain letter/number combinations and Delta Airlines claimed that it was an honest error in the system. Delta has since released an apology reassuring the public that the codes are always computer generated and random. 

Was this an honest mistake? Or cause for outrage? Let us know what you think below. 


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