Portland Leads Nation in Discriminatory Travel Taxes

A new report shows Portland places a higher tax burden on tourists than any other city.

By Alexandria Bordas December 30, 2013

Image: Garsya

Portland has long attracted out-of-state shoppers with its famous ‘no sales tax’.  An item priced at $14.99 really is just $14.99.  But a recent report from the Global Business Travel Association revealed a different reality, placing Portland at the top of the list of US cities with high travel taxes

Out of the nation’s top 50 destinations Portland ranks most expensive when it comes to car rentals, hotel rooms and restaurant bills, according to Global Business Travel Association.  A visitor is estimated to pay around $22.86 a day in taxes alone with Boston following second at $19.34.

According to the report, an upward spike in travel related taxes is a creative way for cities strapped for cash to gain an influx in revenue, using tourists as their source. 

The ten cities with the lowest travel-related taxes are located in California (our sunny neighbors to the south) and Florida (the sunshine state). 

Head to Burbank, CA, for the cheapest tax rates at just $1.58 a day.

To read the full report, click here

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