Airline Gets Into Holiday Spirit

Calgary-based WestJet puts all other airlines to shame with its Santa surprise

By Alexandria Bordas December 17, 2013

Airlines aren't exactly known for their generosity these days. But recently, Calgary-based WestJet valiantly resurrected the industry's reputation.

On November 21st  WestJet executed a complicated (and expensive) Christmas scheme and surprised passengers with a gift from their wish list as they waited for their baggage. Unsurprisingly, the video went viral almost immediately

How did it go down?

Santa Claus asked travelers what they wanted for Christmas as they boarded the plane.  Hidden spies took diligent notes and volunteers rushed to gather gifts for the 250 passengers while they were in the air, collecting snowboards, socks, Android tablets and big screen TVs. (The company began preparing for this event back in August, installing 19 hidden cameras in the airport.) 

CrossIron Mills and Best Buy supported this event and arranged for 357 gifts to be wrapped by the time the two flights touched down in Calgary, one flying from Hamilton and the other from Toronto. 

To top it off, WestJet promised to reunite displaced families for Christmas through the Ronald McDonald House once the video reached 200,000 views, which it exceeded in the first 24 hours. It's now at nearly 30 million views. 

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