A Traveler’s Guide to Drinking on the Go

Want to bring your favorite drink on your next trip out of town? Consider these 4 Northwest-made options.

By Maya Seaman January 28, 2014

Why should you have to go without your favorite drink on the road? Whether it's a picnic in Forest Park, a backwoods backpacking trip, or a cross-country flight, here are four portable ways to bring along your preferred local beer, wine, or liquor. 

FOR ANYWHERE: Calhoun Bros Adventure Spirits ($8.95)

Produced by Hillsboro-based distiller Big Bottom Whiskey, these 200ml (about 6oz) resealable pouches pack two to three pours of 86-proof bourbon into a small light-weight package.

FOR PLANES: GSI Outdoors travel bottle ($12.95)

Thanks to the TSA’s 3.4oz carry-on allowance, it’s easy to maintain loyalty to your favorite Oregon distiller at cruising altitude. This Spokane, WA-based company sells TSA-compliant, soft-sided travel bottles in sets of four—enough to top off several ginger ales and smooth out the turbulence. The mixology options are endless, and they fit in the prescribed one-quart bag. (While it’s perfectly fine to bring your liquor through security, the FAA prohibits you from actually drinking anything that hasn’t been poured by a flight attendant. Consider yourself warned.)

FOR CAMPFIRES: Basecamp Brewing Stainless Steel Growler ($30)

Unlike traditional glass growlers, Basecamp Brewing’s light-tight stainless variant is built for adventure. This SE Portland company advises chilling 64oz of your favorite brew in a lake, river or snow—its near indestructability would be wasted in your fridge.

FOR PICNICS: Platypus PlatyPreserve ($9.95)

Seattle’s Cascade Designs (creator of Platypus hydration systems) understands the importance fresh wine. PlatyPreserve is an oxygen-eliminating, BPA-free container, lighter and more efficient than glass. This pinot pouch ensures your wine will be good to the last drop whether you’re toasting in your kitchen or by a campfire in the Cascades.

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