FlightAware's map and route colors correspond closely to the Seahawks' uniforms...

This afternoon, Deadspin (as well as other news outlets) reported that a 747-8 freighter painted in Seattle Seahawks colors is currently spelling out a giant 12 over Washington State—in honor of Seahawks fans, the proverbial "12th man." As of this writing, the plane is cruising at a low 11,900 feet about halfway through the "2". 

The brand-new plane, which will be used mainly for flight testing, took off from Boeing Field at 11:13am, and is scheduled to land in Everett, WA at 4:04pm. 

Boeing unveiled the freshly-painted plane earlier this week in honor of the Super Bowl–bound Seahawks, who face the Denver Broncos on February 2.

Follow the plane's path at flightaware.com.

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