Here in the Northwest, we’re used to things being green. We prefer our forests fecund; we expect our logs mossy. Even so, the pilgrimage to Bagby Hot Springs, tucked among the towering firs of the Cascade Range’s western edge, feels shockingly lush. Discovered in 1881 by Molalla prospector Robert W. Bagby, the site sits at the mouth of two underground springs that gush about 25 gallons of 136-degree mineral water each minute. A retreat that began as a simple log cabin in 1908 has now grown into a rustic cluster of three partially covered bathhouses holding hand-hewn tubs fed by cedar plumbing. For a quintessentially Oregonian thrill, take your time on the scenic 1.5-mile stroll in, find an ideal spot in a hollowed-out log, and marvel at the dense, lichen-draped branches hovering above.
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