Crowdfunding and Outdoors Apparel: A Potent Mix?

WILD's new Burnside Alpha Jacket is sold through Crowd Supply, a Kickstarter-like platform for bankrolling physical products.

By Lexy Folkes March 7, 2014

The Burnside Alpha Jacket

Self-perpetuated entrepreneurship is easier than ever. And Dan Tiegs, founder of WILD Outdoor Apparel, is using that fact to his advantage.

WILD's new Burnside Alpha Jacket will be sold for $295 through Crowd Supply, a Portland-based, Kickstarter-like platform for generating physical products. The platform largely eliminates the need for small designers to search for investors—if they can sell potential customers on their ideas. As of this writing, the Burnside Alpha line has collected $4,162 of its $15,000 goal with one month left. 

Is this a new model for outdoor apparel industry?

Crowd Supply commandeers 5% of the profits, leaving WILD with a slim profit margin, according to Tiegs. For now, that's fine with him. "My goal isn't to take over the outdoor apparel market," he says, "but to spread my wings and bring my own vision to the world market."

The real draw, is to allow Portlanders to buy a product designed and made locally. Hand sewn and crafted in a small factory in Newburg, Oregon, Tiegs pays fair wages and uses high quality fabrics like Polartec Alpha (also made in the U.S.A) when he can.

"Wild has such a positive connotation," he says. "Wild party, wild river, wild life. It comes from my personal relationship with nature."

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