5 New Portland Golf Accessories You Need

The Masters Tournament is in full swing. Whether you're watching from your couch or out on the links yourself, gear up with these five new Portland-designed accessories.

By Peter Holmstrom April 4, 2014

2014 Jones Master’s Edition golf bag ($230)

The smell of clean cut grass, the sound it makes as you tread over it to find your ball (from the woods in my case). Oregonians' love of golf is nothing new. And as the PGA Masters starts Monday, April 7, three Portland-based sporting goods companies took the opportunity to unleash some new limited-edition products for the upcoming season. Just fix your divots!


Nike Lunar Control Shoe ($180)

This comfy, everyday shoe is perfect for the common golfer who still wants to strut in style. Featuring a veritable rainbow of colors; this shoe is lightweight, but also completely cushioned from toe to heel, making it one of the most comfortable shoes you’ve ever had on the green.


Nike TW 14 Limited edition shoe ($180)

Developed in collaboration with Tiger Woods, the TW 14 shoe is specifically designed to mimic the innate movement of the foot, making it both comfortable and natural. The sleek, silver white shoe is jetted with neon green, and has enough tread to make sure you don’t slip on the occasional wet afternoon on the fairway.


Nike Lunar Clayton Shoe ($250)

The Lunar Clayton edition of footwear was inspired by a Nike’s designers stroll through Florence, and seeing the handcrafted leather shoes being sold on a quiet street corner. Bridging the gap between history and innovation, this high-end shoe is made with handcrafted leather, while simultaneously being waterproof thanks to specially designed stitching pattern.

Seamus: Master’s Series ($30-$100)

Offering both bags for your personal items and head covers for your clubs, Seamus Golf adds an Irish National line to their already iconic Portland aesthetic. Prepped to blend in with all the flannels in your closet, the covers come in many shades and colors. Also included is a specially made divot tool crafted in collaboration with Hand Forge PDX.


2014 Jones Master’s Edition golf bag ($230)

The Jones Master’s Edition golf bag was developed as only a single set run to commemorate the first major of the year. Set in white with a yellow trim and green buckles (Go Ducks?), it’s definitely not something you want to drop in the mud!

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