If you haven’t already heard of the Pacific Northwest forest service rental program, you are missing out. Big time. In Oregon and Washington alone, there are over 70 rustic cabins and high-flying fire lookout towers (once used by Oregon’s “smoke chasers” to moniter wild fires) available to rent, year-round. It’s a step down from glamping: No running water, linens, or food, but a huge step up from traditional camping: a wood burning furnace (!), mattress, electricity (sometimes), and the best views in Oregon from your bedside window. Terry Musgrove and his intrepid canine partner, Yogi, are on a quest to visit them all. Since 2005, Musgrove and Yogi have documented 37 wilderness A-frames from all corners of the Northwest. Musgrove’s Flickr page is inspiring, hilarious (think cat videos for outdoorsy dog lovers), and a great resource for those in search of the perfect cabin or lookout tower.
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