Our 10 Favorite Oregon Instagrammers

We scrolled through our Instagram feed to pick our 10 favorite digital photographers.

By Nicole Cordier July 1, 2014

1. alex_bailey
Alex_bailey spends his days traveling the state, capturing some of Oregon's most iconic spaces, as well as some of its hidden gems. His trademark use of creepy masks makes his photographs like a darker version of "Where's Waldo." Can you find the (somewhat) hidden masked villains in these stunning shots?

2. jakechamseddine
For a young photographer of only 21, Jakechamseddine is making waves capturing stunning actions shots, portraits, and pristine landscapes. His snowboarding photos may make us long for winter once more, but the true shining gems of his Instagram are the intimate portraits he captures. Keep your eyes on this up and coming photographer and videographer!

3. bubbasellars
This Oregon-based photographer and designer's Instagram feed is full of soft muted colors and gently focused photographs. Bubbasellars enjoys taking landscape and portrait photos. His excellent use of light and color keep the photos looking fresh and his incredible versatility means you'll see something new and different every day.

4. upperleftusa
With only 43 photos posted, Upperleftusa is relatively new to the Instagram game. However, we've always been believers of quality over quantity and her feed captures that belief. Each one of the photos posted is stunningly composed and her use of interesting angles keeps these nature photos fresh.

5. andrewwilson
Andrewwilson's Iphone-only photography is breathtaking in its depth. It's hard to believe he's able to capture such stunning shots on only his phone. His landscape photography is especially moving, although the portraits and wedding photos you can find on his page are equally beautiful!

6. mrtommyblades
With a trained eye for light, and a talent for offering little-seen views of Oregon's nature landscapes, Mrtommyblades's feed is not one to miss. This photographer manages to find time to launch his own apparel line in between snapping breath-taking pictures of the state we all know and love.

7. jeremy_fisher_
With photos that capture a perfect balance of content and composition, Jeremy_fisher_ gives his nod to Oregon's pristine outdoors. Like many of the photgraphers on our list, his nature landscapes are enough to keep you scrolling through his feed all day. He's especially gifted at capturing light beams filtering down through the state's deep green forests.

8. kat_pdx
With a feed full of cozy looking fires and tents erected at excellent campsites, Kat_pdx looks like the kind of instagrammer you want to be friends with. She captures the beauty of Oregon while exploring with her friends, and her photos are enough to make you wish you were invited too. As an added bonus, there are cute pictures of her puppy thrown in at random as well!

9. illgander
Illgander's fresh street style portraits keep things funky with fun colors and pack a punch of each subject's personality into the frame. His fashion posts highlight trends to keep an eye on, while his intimate portraits tell wordless stories. The real strength of this Instagram feed comes from the connections Illgander is able to foster with his portrait subjects, allowing him to capture their essence in a unique way.

10. emmagaty_photography
This classic portrait photographer's feed is full of fun senior pictures and moving wedding moments. While you can find a few conceptual shoots tucked into her portfolio, Emmagaty_photography focuses mostly on traditional portraits. As someone who's had a shoot with this photographer, I can attest to her ability to capture great photos and make her subjects feel comfortable.

Who'd we miss? Tell us in the comments below!

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