Should We Ban Smoking on Oregon's Beaches?

Oregon moves to ban smoking on all 362 miles of the state's coastline.

By Nicole Cordier July 28, 2014

Image: Daleen Loest

If the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department gets its way, smokers could be fined up to $110 for lighting up on the state's beaches. The proposal, which follows the recently approved ban of smoking on state park property, hopes to curb beach litter and establish consistency in smoking rules on state land.

The Parks and Recreation Department is leaving the proposal open for public comment until August 29th and will also host public meetings for discussion in Salem, Seaside, Newport, and Coos Bay. The department says it prefers to educate, rather than punish, beach goers, and hopes to only issue citations to repeat smoking offenders.

Do you think banning smoking on Oregon beaches is necessary? 

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