Around the World in Four Stories

The wide world of travel, featuring planes patched with tape, a lamb chop in space, and Munich's Airbräu.

By Marty Patail November 24, 2014

A tandoori lamb chop at 82,000 feet.

Image: YouTube

A working airport brewery in Munich!
There's plenty to praise at Portland International Airport: brewpubs, foodcarts, a cult carpet. But Munich's Franz Josef Strauss airport has a working brewery and outdoor biergarten. Get on it PDX.

Planes patched with tape!
Imagine looking out of the window of a 757 to see the wing has been patched with something resembling duct tape. Would it make you feel better to know that tape is FAA-approved?

Whale meat scandal in California!
A restaurant at Santa Monica's municipal airport is in hot water over serving passengers whale meat. 

Tandoori lamb chop sent to space!
We sent Curiosity to Mars. We landed a probe on a comet. The final frontier: sending up Indian food

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