Around the World in 5 Stories: Feb 2, 2015

A round up of international travel news, including Tinder-to-go, a travel hacking guide from Kayak, and a wonky FAA policy change you need to know about.

By Marty Patail February 2, 2015

Image: twoKim

We're number 1! In WIFI quality at least. A study of wifi networks at hotels found that Portland's WIFI offerings were the best in the country—but still lag behind European and Asian cities.   

Next month, dating app Tinder is unveiling a paid feature called Passport, which allows you to look for matches in other parts of the part based on your travel plans. 

Travel site Kayak has rummaged through a billion user searches for its Travel Hacker guide, and concluded (among other things) that Portland is the top 3 trending travel destination, Americans still love Vegas, and Wednesday is the best day to fly to Europe.

Backpacking around the world? One seasoned world traveler shows you how to do 23 countries with only 20 pounds of stuff

Since 1992, the "Passenger Facilties Charge" has allowed airports to levy a small fee from passengers to help pay for infrastructure maintenance and upgrades. Now, the FAA is considering raising the PFC from $4.50 to $8.50 to offset inflation and improve aging facilities.

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