Whale Watching Week Returns on the Oregon Coast

Spring Whale Watching Week (March 21-28) will draw gray whale lovers to dozens of locations up and down the Oregon coast.

By Allison Jones March 4, 2015

Every winter and spring, binocular-laden hikers, campers, commuters, and nature lovers of all stripes flock to one of dozens of viewpoints along the Oregon coast to pray for clear weather and catch a glimpse of the biannual gray whale migration from Alaska to Baja California.

To help educate those breach-seeking pilgrams, Oregon State Parks has sponsored the Whale Watching Spoken Here program for over 30 years, placing volunteers at great whale watching sites for a week-long whale celebration known as Whale Watching Week. Whale watching volunteers are trained to help visitors spot whales, understand their migration patterns, and record the number of whales seen each year. For an immersive whale-watching experience, head to the Depoe Bay Whale Center where rangers are ready to geek out on the year's returning whales. 

This spring, the time to head west is March 21-28, and you can choose a convenient site using the map above. Which view point will you choose?

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