It started as a joke, poking fun at ladies who take their social media a little too seriously, but Socality Barbie’s viral Instagram account hits close to home.

Created by a local freelance photographer and graphic designer (who wanted to remain anonymous), the images capture a brunette Barbie doll, sporting the requisite beanie and thick-rimmed glasses, in “places that are over-instagrammed, like Multnomah Falls,” using retro filters, pseudo-inspiring hashtags, and appropriately silly captions. 

“I made her trendy backpack out of a denim patch for jeans, her beanie out of the cut off fingertip of a glove, and found a lot of her accessories (camera, glasses, shoes) from other dolls and at craft stores,” writes her creator.

The pictures have certainly struck a chord, having now made it to the pages of Wired, Glamour, and People. Socality Barbie’s secret for success?

Says her creator, “Say yes to adventures and coffee, and always use filters.” #notbraggingjustblessed

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