Oregon Instagrammers We Love

These 10 adventuresome Oregonians have mastered the art of Instagram—the rest of us can just follow along and enjoy the ride.

By Emma Mannheimer November 5, 2015

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Image: Roy Dufek

Sure, it may induce FOMO, and it can sometimes make you feel like you're not living life at all—but it's hard to resist the indulgent, vicarious thrill of Instagram from time to time. Indeed, these 10 local Insta pros will surely make you swoon over their inspiring snaps of our wildly beautiful state. Did we miss your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

This recent transplant from Nashville has quite the eye for space and composition, endowing her feed a photographic fairytale quality. We can’t wait to watch her spin her visual magic over Portland. 


"The smartest thing I've ever learned is that I don't have all the answers."

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Thomas Guy mixes majestic natural images with street shots that give his followers a well-rounded feel for Portland. His soft spot for pristine old cars is especially endearing. No matter his mode of transportation, he always takes us along for the ride.



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Kimhaggstrom, an “iPhone only user,” manages to capture those fleeting moments of time the rest of us only remember to photograph after it is too late. We especially love her whimsical images of creeping fog.

This Portland-based illustrator leads the outdoorsy lifestyle that we all probably aspire to. Follow her and you'll find plenty of inspiration for your next big camping adventure.

Adventures both urban and rural populate this diverse, well-composed feed. Her simple, quiet still lives will make you want to hit the nearest farmers market and have a picnic in any weather.


#leonbridges & date night 🎼💕

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The second newly established Portland resident on this list, professional photographer Sam Elkins seduces his followers with breathtaking landscapes and equally stunning portraiture. More wedding photos on rocks in the middle of rivers, please!


Cozy winter

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Talk about fall foliage! Although he's based in Portland, Ian packs plenty of shots from afar into his feed—but we’re not complaining. When he does post an Oregon shot, it reminds us all how lucky we are to live here.


Don't go halfway; go all in.

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Self-proclaimed “Landscape Ninja,” Roy brings new meaning to “Starry Night”—his long-exposure shots at nighttime create a surreal sky saturated with stars. He always manages to capture exactly the most dramatic viewpoint for his shots.


10 day forecast says RAIN for the PNW, it's officially the season...of great light all day long! 😉☁☔

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Grace clearly knows her way around a color palette, and she's mastered the sense of place—her sharp angles and fresh perspectives give new insight to our beloved city.


los dos cubos

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Fashion meets local pride in Domnika's photos, where she pairs stylish duds with equally stylish locations around town. Think Gucci x latte art.


Tile shopping.

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