@SocalityBarbie Gets an Environmental Counterpart

Meet @Nature_Glenn, a little plastic fella on a mission to keep Oregon's natural beauty #flawless.

By Emma Mannheimer December 7, 2015

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@Nature_Glenn and @socalitybarbie, together at last

Did they meet on Tinder? Or was it Hinge? Nope, Instagram struck again. That's right, Portland’s favorite coffee-guzzling, wool-hat-wearing, authentic-living Barbie doll, @SocalityBarbie, has found a new pal in the conservation-minded @Nature_Glenn.

Who's behind Instagram's latest #pnw Barbie? Local nonprofit Columbia Land Trust launched @Nature_Glenn on December 1, aiming to bring awareness to #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back that generated a total of 1.3 million social media mentions. Columbia Land Trust (and @Nature_Glenn) encouraged Northwesterners to support the conservation of Oregon's natural landscapes (which always be like, #iwokeuplikethis), because let’s be honest: what would our Instagram feeds be without Portlanders snapping selfies in front of Oregon’s #nomakeup natural beauty?

Over the course of Giving Tuesday, the teeny doppleganger, created in the image of Columbia Land Trust’s executive director Glenn Lamb, raised a grand total of $17,020. Indeed, @Nature_Glenn is playing a significant part in protecting the lands we take pride in—but with only 89 followers to match @SocalityBarbie’s 1.3 million, he's got a long road ahead. We'll be rooting for him.

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