Want to Get Felt Up in Klamath Falls?

Four Oregon congressional reps unite to restore TSA screening in Klamath Falls, which could mean the return of commercial flights to Crater Lake. (Well, nearby.)

By Ramona DeNies April 19, 2016

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PenAir, you make Klamath Falls feel like it could fly.

Image: PenAir

Just because an airport is small doesn’t mean it doesn’t have feelings, too. Which is why it’s important to always treat them fairly. Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden are thinking about one very special small airport in particular—the Crater Lake-Klamath Regional Airport, which hasn’t offered commercial flights since June 2014, when carrier SkyWest left, and TSA yanked away its screeners. (Sinking airships, and all that.)

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Feeling this? TSA might.


Thanks to the Treating Small Airports with Fairness Act, co-sponsored by Merkley and Wyden (along with Oregon representatives Greg Walden and Peter DeFazio) and passed by the Senate just this morning, TSA might now have to restore screening services to Klamath—and presumably other airports in other states, who also have feelings, but currently no flights. The act, if approved, pats down the path for Alaska carrier PenAir, which has been waiting in the wings for Klamath since last fall

The next step, Merkley says via formal statement, is to get this bill signed by El Presidente so Klamath and PenAir can make it official. Says Merkley: “With the summer tourism season just around the corner, it’s more urgent than ever for the TSA to resume screening so that the Klamath Falls airport can restore commercial service.”

In more airport news… 

A proposed amendment to the now-pending Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill aims to make the friendly skies actually sort of friendly—for families, at least. With many airlines hot to charge extra for anything resembling a preference (Basic Economy class, anyone?), the amendment would guarantee parents the right to sit next to their tots at no extra cost. (And also allow pregnant women to pre-board.)

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