Yurts, glamping, tiny home camping—you've done all that, and it was great. But for a woodsy retreat that literally sweeps you off your feet, it's hard to argue with an adult-sized treehouse. If that sounds like a childhood dream too good to be true, count your blessings: this is the Pacific Northwest, and we definitely build amazing stuff way up in trees.

Some of these lofted lodgings are Peter Pan-perfect. Others—with swinging bridges, floor-to-ceiling windows, even kitchenettes—are probably more luxe than your original Lost Boys fantasy. Whether you aspire to fire-lookout solitude or a family adventure, find a match among the the 10 fabulous aeries in our slideshow. But remember—you're not the only Cascadian angling for a bird's eye view. If you want to book these summertime nests, check soon (see below)!

Treehouse Point:
Issaquah, WA
You can explore this six-cabin resort (also with a rentable main lodge) on their website. Note: children under 13 are not allowed to stay on property.

Cedar Creek Treehouse
Ashford, WA
Just one guest cabin is available on this property tucked into Mt Rainier National Forest. Reservations are available to select groups, call Bill Compher at 360-789-6773. Learn more about his tours on this website.

Vertical Horizons Treehouse Paradise
Cave Junction, OR
Guests can book three treehouses within this secluded Doug-fir forest. Check out things to do while you stay there and make reservations here

Out ‘n’ About Treesort
Cave Junction, OR
Five treehouses on this structure-studded property are available to overnight guests. Make reservations and explore more of their tree houses on their website.  

Skamania Lodge*
Stevenson, WA

Book lodging and preview the amenities here.

*OK, OK, so Skamania's two "treehouses"—set to open later this summer—are really just lovely lodges on stilts surrounded by trees. If you want to get technical about it...

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