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Hawaiian Airlines Revives Its Nonstop PDX-to-Maui Flight

Looking for a reason to book your Hawaiian escape? You’re welcome.

By Anya Rehon January 17, 2018

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Portland winter is in deep swing. Short, rainy, gray days are your new normal—possibly through June-uary.

But remember: Maui is just one six-hour, nonstop flight away. And starting January 19, there’s another airline that gets Portlanders there. Meet Hawaiian Airlines’ new non-stop daily route connecting PDX to Kahului Airport. (The route’s inaugural flight leaves Maui for PDX on Jan 18.)

Yes, Alaska Airlines also currently offers nonstop service from PDX to Maui. And Hawaiian’s Portland flight isn’t exactly a new competitor; the airline serviced this route from 2003 to 2012, until it was reportedly discontinued for lack of the right aircraft.

But Hawaiian’s new PDX-to-Maui passengers will be flying in style—in a brand-new, 189-seat A321neo jet. The jet, which Hawaiian markets as sustainable, features engines designed to be the most fuel-efficient in its class. Inside the cabin, colors and textiles aim to mimic traditional aspects of island culture (think bark cloth and fishing nets), along with LED lighting intended to evoke tropical sunrises and sunsets.

For the folks most excited about flying with their own mini TV, the airline has moved away from using seat-back monitors and instead provides tablet holders. Complementary meal service is available for all passengers and features cuisine inspired by the island food scene.

The Portland route is one of several new nonstop flight services via the A321neo being offered by Hawaiian Airlines this year. Oakland, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Long Beach are also set to begin nonstop service to and from the Hawaiian Islands. Currently, Hawaiian Airlines offers the most flight routes to and from the islands than any other carrier. And their record numbers indicate this: last year they welcomed nearly 11.5 million passengers, a 4 percent bump from 2016.

January round-trip tickets from PDX to OGG start around $398. Book your trip at

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