The Shakedown

The 2019 World Naked Bike Ride Happens June 29

We take a look (maybe not too close a look, OK?) at the annual Pedalpalooza event.

By Portland Monthly Staff May 28, 2019 Published in the June 2019 issue of Portland Monthly


Increasingly comfy riding temps makes global warming totally worth it

Boon to local merkin purveyors

All those exes have already seen you naked, so not weird at all

Raises awareness of oil dependence or whatever

Appearing in a Willamette Week slide show sure to bring fame and fortune

Communal gawking really brings neighbors together

Bike seats get their annual thorough cleaning

On-brand for PDX

After-party at ZoomCare


Pasties pop off in cold, slide off in heat

U-lock too large for nature’s pocket

Tricky to hide those new measles scars

Creepy dudes asking to take your picture

Creepy dudes taking your picture without asking

Old Halloween fishnets hard to a) find and b) untangle


Someone bound to use same sock from Red Hot Chili Peppers impersonation

Biketown the day after

The 2019 WNBR leaves at 9 p.m. Saturday, June 29, from Laurelhurst Park.

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