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Oregon is the Star of Apple’s New ASMR Video Series

A new set of tingly, audio-relaxation videos from the tech giant harness our state’s natural spaces.

By Kiva Hanson August 13, 2019

Apple has long touted the abilities of its iPhone cameras, using “Shot on iPhone” as a tagline in commercials, billboards and print ads since 2015. Their newest release is a series featuring four ASMR, or “Auto Sensory Meridian Response,” videos shot using an iPhone. 

For the uninitiated, ASMR stands for Auto Sensory Meridian Response; it’s those tingles you get when you hear nails tapping or whispers in your ear. Thanks to the viral nature of YouTube, it’s become wildly popular as a relaxation technique and is used to help with anxiety, insomnia and stress.

But the real star of Apple’s new series is Oregon: three of the videos are shot in some of the state’s most iconic settings:

Whispers from Ghost Forest features soothing ocean waves on a Neskowin beach as the camera glides around Sitka spruce tree stumps sticking out of the sand. The video combines classic ASMR whispering that shifts from side to side in your earbuds with soothing ocean waves behind them. The whispers tell the eerie origin story of these 2,000-year-old stumps. 

Crunching Sounds on the Trail takes you through a classic Douglas fir forest, full of ferns and moss. It transitions into the vibrant Painted Hills of Central Oregon. That crunching underfoot is enough to give anyone shivers.

A Calm Rain at Camp starts with slow steady shots of rain pitter-pattering over a campsite (a dream for any ASMR lover) eventually panning out to Oregon’s rock-climbing mecca Smith Rock.

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