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Four Must-Have Local Items For Your Flight Outta Town

From toothpaste to deodorant to the Dopp kit to stash it all

By Jackson Main and Eden Dawn September 23, 2019 Published in the October 2019 issue of Portland Monthly


Ditch the plastic drugstore scrubber for Goodwell Co’s bamboo and binchotan toothbrush. A sustainably harvested wood handle and deodorizing, charcoal-infused bristles make for a proper, do-gooder brush sesh. While you’re at it, pick up a half-ounce travel tube of the Portland-born outfit’s Pacific Mint toothpaste ($3), made with fresh mint and Jacobsen’s sea salt, natch. $6–7. Subscriptions for brush, toothpaste, and floss packages range $7–20 at


Chester Wallace’s sleek Dopp Kit is made with water-repellant waxed canvas: perfect to plunk down next to that itty bitty sink in an airplane bathroom, roomy enough for key toiletries. $78 at


Air travel—so drying! Combat lip shrivel with Portland Bee Balm. Owners Brad and Anika Swift take DIY to the next level, harvesting beeswax from their own hives and infusing it with Oregon peppermint and rose extract for this line of simple, moisturizing lip smackers. $3 at New Seasons


Face it: long flights make you stinky. With its fresh, gender-neutral scents—bergamot & lime to cedarwood & juniper—Schmidt’s stick deodorants come in real handy before you go in for that big hug at baggage claim. Can’t decide which flavor smells best? Schmidt sells variety five-packs of its travel-size sticks for $20. $6 per stick at Tender Loving Empire

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