Snow Day

Record Snowfall Brings Chaos, Jubilation to Portland

Thousands of people were stuck on roads Wednesday as the Portland Metro area received nearly 11 inches of snow, cancelling school and work for many on Thursday.

By Sam Stites February 23, 2023

A snowboarder hikes up the hill at north Portland's Cathedral Park. 

Image: Sam Stites

Record snowfall in Portland Wednesday saw thousands of people stuck for hours on freeways and roads across the metro area. Hundreds of vehicles remain abandoned throughout the city, while many homes lost power. 

But the weather wasn't complete pandemonium, particularly for those who were able to remain off the roads. 

The weather also brought perfect conditions for quintessential snow day activities like sledding and building snowmen. The eleven inches the region received overnight also made it possible to enjoy other winter hobbies such as skiing and snowboarding without the trek up to Mount Hood

Cathedral Park beneath the St. Johns Bridge in north Portland saw dozens of visitors throughout the morning Thursday using the parks hills to catch some speed—and air! 

Sledders enjoy the snow at Cathedral Park in north Portland. 

Image: Sam Stites

An ATV rider rips down N Edison Street in the Cathedral Park neighborhood of north Portland. 

Image: Sam Stites

A snowboarder launches off a jump built on the hill in north Portland's Cathedral Park. 

Image: Sam Stites

N Baltimore Avenue in St Johns was closed Friday after several vehicles got stuck traversing the hill near Cathedral Park. 

Image: Sam Stites

Neighbors near Cathedral Park spent the morning reveling in the snow and using the parks natural hill to do a bit of sledding, skiing, and snowboarding. 

Image: Sam Stites

Yogi poses for a photo in his backyard in northeast Portland. 

Olive, a Dobermann puppy, experiences her first Portland snowfall.