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OMSI Gala 2010

Space soiree successful

February 9, 2010

Sean McMahon from EngineWorks escorts his wife Valerie to the OMSI Gala.


The evening of January 23 found the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry undergoing a futuristic transformation for its space-themed gala. This year, OMSI presented an entirely new type of experience at its annual fundraiser, granting some 700 guests full access to the entire museum and a sneak peek of its current exhibit, Space: A Journey To Our Future, which looks at the past, present, and future of space exploration.

As guests arrived, they were greeted by hosts in other-worldly outfits, offered a signature cocktail, and directed to feast on lush buffets and visit with fellow travelers in themed “launch pad” lounges located throughout the museum. Entertainment for the evening included a presentation by space historian and author Andrew Chaikin, a photographic tour of the International Space Station compliments of astronaut Mike Barratt, and a presentation by special guest Lt. Colonel Dick Rutan, USAF (Ret.) who broke a flight-distance record by flying the nonstop, un-refueled Voyager aircraft around the world.

OMSI’s Space Gala was a staggering success raising over $547,000 in support of OMSI programs, which include camps and classes, labs, outdoor school, general museum operations, and much more.

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