A Custom Crossword Puzzle

Portland's global crossword puzzle star Brian Greer made this grid just for us—but we're happy to share.

November 15, 2013 Published in the December 2013 issue of Portland Monthly

Download a PDF of Greer's Portland Monthly crossword puzzle. . . then find the answers!

This is a hybrid puzzle, with a British-style grid and a mixture of clues, some of which are (straight or not so straight) definitions, and some cryptic. In British fashion, numbers of letters in each answer are provided at the end of the clue. Pay particular attention to 17-Across, which contains a useful hint.


1. On which planes travel but don't fly (7)

2. Not slacking like students in class, we hear (4)

3. Guiding notice on the wall – or off it (3-3)

4. Bad language coming from boathouse (4)

5. State of plains Indians when leaderless (4)

6. Lacking, as you used to be, in humor (7)

9. Insular state (6)

13. Neck glands you can find in healthy mice (5)

14. “Eureka” in California, for example (5)

16. Dolphins' home (5)

18. Jumbo pilot? (6)

19. Grass who got two letters from Paul? (7)

20. Mother embracing particular role as holy person (7)

23. Small bird – male cat finally caught it (6)

25. Female gamete (4)

26. Young group arrived here in 1947 (4)

28. State of Columbus long after 1492 (4) 


7. Mobile home resident (8)

8. Indian nation, one associated with dance (4)

10. Writer crossing street for restaurant (6)

11. Leader of the Iroquois Confederacy, celebrated in poetic song (8)

12. Multitasking employee (8)

15. As much as one can embrace (6)

17. Unchanged after reflection – like all the answers you write down here (11)

21. Japan, for example (6)

22. Competitively surpass five in old university test (8)

24. Most recent capital gain for US, found in 9-Down (8)

27. Bread or dough (6)

29. Difference between New York and Chicago, in a way (4)

30. Policy of nonresistance if camp is demolished (8)

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