Pickathon: Redefining the Concert Video

Watch a sample of the top-notch videos the local music festival is producing and streaming live to reach a global audience.

By Aaron Scott July 11, 2014

Last year, indie chanteuse Feist proclaimed that Pickathon is what every other music festival only tries to be. Indeed, for 16 years the little fest, returning August 1–3, has worked to stand apart from bigger, sweatier, profit-obsessed rivals in the fast-growing industry. Pickathon caps attendance at 3,500, leaving plenty of room to roam a musical fantasyland lovingly created on a verdant 88-acre farm in Happy Valley. And then it beams those performances around the globe online. Here is a sampling of the innovative live videos the fest's team is producing, from night shoots at the Woods stage to the single-camera "On the Farm" series.

Read our article in the August issue about Pickathon's big video plans.






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