It takes a village to taste and rank more than a thousand bottles of local wine. Luckily, we’ve got lots of friends. Gone are the days of the wine critic’s monopoly on taste. Here in Oregon, nuance is king, geeky wines are winning, and old-school winemakers are defying expectations with lighter, more eclectic styles. For this year’s annual blind tasting of Oregon’s wide world of wine, we rallied our favorite grape-stained wretches to uncork more than a thousand bottles. The results were clear: great wine is great wine, regardless of hue, price, or region. We were so pleased and surprised with our final ranking that this year, we decided not to divide our list by category, but by ranking. Catch the full list in our October issue, and click through the slide show for a peek at what it takes to put on a tasting of this size. Drink up!
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