Smoked-Salmon Hash + Editorial Integrity

Your life, our word

By Helyn Trickey February 22, 2009

We only recently relaunched our website and are working demonically to get caught up, and until the web gurus get a chance to upload the Heathman Restaurant’s recipe for smoked-salmon hash tomorrow (as promised in our March package on some of the tastiest breakfast dishes in town), you can find the recipe below.

If you’ve never been to the Heathman (downtown, on SW Broadway, between Salmon and Main) you’re missing a treat. Now’s a good time to tell you something I’ve been meaning to say since the moment I arrived here six months ago: whenever you hear a member of Portland Monthly’s editorial staff rave over a person or place in town (be it a restaurant, a club, a shop, a shopkeep) it has absolutely nothing — nothing, I repeat — to do with advertisers. We operate independently from the advertising sales staff, as does the staff of any real magazine — that is to say, any magazine with integrity.

Some readers seem to be under the impression that magazines make money by writing about their advertisers. And some do. We do not. Forgive me if I sound a little sanctimonious here, but for a magazine to have any credibility—any true value—its editorial team must be peopled with journalists and artists who care enough about their product and their work to be discerning, to do business with unimpeachable integrity. We do care about the bottom line, of course — this is, after all, a business — but you will never see us cross a line. Portland Monthly’s reporters and writers bring depth, care, and professional pride with them to work daily (along with, yes, sometimes, hangovers). And that will never change, no matter the state of the economy.

Starting next week, check out the staff bios at portlandmontlymag.com to see the kind of experience our team brings through the door every day. Let us know what you think of the magazine and what you’d like to see in the magazine by writing to me directly at [email protected].

Till then, go make yourself some heavenly hash. The recipe comes courtesy of the Heathman, where the culinary director is Philippe Boulot and the chef de cuisine is Karl Zenk (Karl’s cool tattoos recently ran in the magazine, in a feature called Kitchen Ink).

Heathman Restaurant
Smoked Salmon Hash
1 lb. Hard smoked salmon shredded
1 ea. Small red onion minced
1 T Horseradish prepared
1 T Whole grain mustard
2 oz Capers
2 oz Sour cream
2 Lb. Hash browned potatoes
Salt and pepper to taste

Mix salmon, onion, capers, horseradish, mustard, and capers together.
Add sour cream and check seasoning.
In a large skillet, cook hash browns until golden brown.
Chop in salmon mixture and heat thru.
Divide onto four plates and garnish with a little sour cream thinned with cream.
For breakfast, serve with two poached eggs per person.

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