Literary Life

Oregon Book Awards: Honors Highlight Dark Horses

Politician edges out Skloot, Gaston and Gwartney with his nonfiction legal offering

10/27/2009 By Helyn Trickey

Literary Life

Kristof: Liberation of Women Key to Solving Poverty, Extremism

NY Times columnist and wife win 2009 literary peace prize

10/16/2009 By Helyn Trickey

Literary Life

All Things Alexie

Opinions, philosophies and ramblings

10/11/2009 By Helyn Trickey

Literary Life

What I Saw at Wordstock

Ellroy loses his cool, but what else is new?

10/10/2009 By Helyn Trickey

Literary Life

We Got Told

Chicago’s 2nd Story kicks off Wordstock

10/09/2009 By Helyn Trickey

Literary Life

Word to the Book Nerd

Six Wordstock writers to watch

10/07/2009 By Helyn Trickey

Worthy Causes

Big Art/Design, Big Bucks

If only we’d won the Annie Meyer

03/15/2009 By Helyn Trickey


Thanks for the Laughs, Kasper Hauser!

We needed it.

03/08/2009 By Helyn Trickey

Shameless Self-Aggrandizement

Awards We Love

CRMA shows PoMo some love

03/06/2009 By Helyn Trickey


Happytown, USA

At least we beat Seattle.

03/03/2009 By Helyn Trickey

The Talkies

Coraline vs. Jonas Brothers

Blue-haired child hangs tough against tween threat

03/01/2009 By Helyn Trickey


Forbes: Oregon Economy = Abyss

The forecast ain’t pretty but the Cascades sure are.

02/24/2009 By Helyn Trickey


Smoked-Salmon Hash + Editorial Integrity

Your life, our word

02/22/2009 By Helyn Trickey

Stuff We Didn't Need to See

Perks of Office

Breedlove poses nude. Like it wasn’t inevitable.

02/17/2009 By Helyn Trickey

Geographic Desire

LA is out and PDX is in?

Dude, we already knew that.

02/17/2009 By Helyn Trickey

Random Cool Stuff

PDX Beards

We Will Never Get Tired of This Topic

02/14/2009 By Helyn Trickey


The Sam Adams Affair: Slate weighs in

"Would the mayor be out of office if he weren’t gay?"

02/13/2009 By Helyn Trickey