Happytown, USA

At least we beat Seattle.

By Helyn Trickey March 3, 2009

We’ve all been watching the angsty fallout from the most recent Portland ranking —our new ranking isn’t as a green leader or a great place to live but as (what?!) the nation’s most miserable city (depression! cloud cover! divorce! thanks, BusinessWeek!). And I gotta tell ya: nobody delivered a smackdown quite as good as Kari Chisholm’s over at BlueOregon. He’s one of those who not only took the time to parse the fine print (pointing out the study’s use of fossilized, drug-company-generated data) but also to enumerate the attributes that are bringing people to the 503 in droves.

Frankly, it isn’t hard to see why most of the "unhappiest" cities found their way into the ranking. New Orleans gets a pass for the next hundred years. Nashville: a country music overdose would freak me out, too. Atlanta: if you love traffic and soul-depleting heat, you’re perfect for each other. Kansas City? One word: Kansas.

But Portland?

And did they have to show a completely baffling photo as the representative image? Instead of the majesty of Mount Hood or the gorgeousness of the city skyline at night or the architecture of downtown or all the distinctive neighborhoods, they show…a buncha random boats hanging out in front of a couple of thrilling-looking buildings. Nothing about that photo says "Portland."

Send your happiest Portland-centric photos to [email protected] and I’ll run ’em.

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