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Home for the Holidays

Take a tour through the West Hills

By Megan Udow December 21, 2009


Everyone secretly wants to poke around their neighbors’ homes whether it’s to steal decorating ideas or finally scope out that big screen you saw the movers carry in. Either way, Ainsworth Elementary School’s Holiday Home Tour gives everyone the opportunity to be the snoop without the need for binoculars.

It was an architectural feast with Tudor, modern, and contemporary style homes all made squeaky clean for the three hour tour. With sweeping views of the city and sprawling lawns, each home was like a sanctuary away from the everyday. However, none more so than "Urban Retreat," which felt like the descent into a woodland fairytale. Heidi Root offered her home in support of her daughter’s school. "It’s a sense of community. When you bring people into your home it takes it to the next level of the community," says Root.

The longest running elementary school in Portland, Ainsworth relies heavily on the profits from their Holiday Home Tours to support the school. But in case you missed it, here’s a web exclusive slideshow with all the dirty details.

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