Portland's Ecotraditions

Portlander's deep connection to their surroundings has been around since... well, forever.

02/02/2011 By Randy Gragg and Melissa Dalton


Breaking the Mold

Rachel Gorenstein takes inspiration from France in her boutique, Moulé.

01/19/2010 By Megan Udow

Web Exclusive

Home for the Holidays

Ainsworth Elementary School's Holiday Home Tour gives everyone the opportunity to be the nosy neighbor.

12/21/2009 By Megan Udow

Web Exclusive

Trashion Talkin’

From tulle to tubing, the fashion police were out in full force making sure every piece was stitched with the environment in mind at the annual Junk to Funk Recycled Fashion Show Contest.

11/25/2009 By Megan Udow

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Fashion Victims

Clothes go ghoulish for winter

10/29/2009 By Megan Udow

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Fashion Fusion

Forging Portland’s international style

09/28/2009 By Megan Udow

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Dude Sightings

Scenes from Lebowski Fest Portland

08/10/2009 By Megan Udow


Pearl Party

A First Thursday walking tour

07/15/2009 By Megan Udow


Beaucoup of Blues

Waterfront Blues Fest heats up

07/08/2009 By Megan Udow


Poutine at Potato Champion

05/19/2009 By Camas Davis


Toy Story

Four small shops that play big

05/19/2009 By Stacey Wilson



05/19/2009 By Nino Padova


Heavy Metal

Looking for a job? On Portland's industrial waterfront you won't need a college degree or even a résumé. Just a willingness to put in a long, honest day's work.

05/19/2009 By Matt Williams

Green City

The Ripple Effect

And we've got *15 BIG IDEAS* that prove it: crushed-glass countertops, a greener carpet cleaner, solar-powered wineries, a planet-healing hospital, shoes from soda bottles, a better microprocessor, and more ideas that are changing our world.

05/19/2009 By Christian DeBenedetti, Camas Davis, and John Chandler Edited by Kasey Cordell

Beyond the Bridges

Paradise Found

The Hawaiian island of Kauai offers an escape that's equal parts adventure and peace.

05/19/2009 By Claire Martin


Behold, an Oasis

Hidden amid Portland's concrete and barbed wire, blue herons hunt fish and chorus frogs sing in waters that are cleaner than they have been in years. Plus: How to explore these gems yourself.

05/19/2009 By Jill Davis