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Recycled garb at the Junk to Funk Fashion Show

By Megan Udow November 25, 2009

Emily Hyde’s "Deconstruction/Reconstruction" dress composed of fencing and safety cones is a definite traffic stopper.

The fashion scene was in full swing with the return of the annual Junk to Funk Recycled Fashion Show Contest. From tulle to tubing, the fashion police were out in full force making sure every piece was stitched with the environment in mind.

The lighting was dark (to conserve energy, of course) as Mayor Sam Adams and The Portland Mercury’s Marjorie Skinner took the stage in their damaged CD encrusted vests to host the event. And whether anyone actually paid attention to the long-winded, overly punned script, or the recycling lessons presented by the monster of plastic bags past and the paper-plate princess, everyone did a double take at the trash couture. The clothes went from wearable to weird with every runway turn, but a few standout pieces were the flamenco-inspired coffee filter dress, that would have anyone in need of a gown swooning, and the surprisingly wearable (and probably affordable) duvet wedding dress. Even the soda can "Seagull Saver" would make a great cocktail dress for any daring diva.

And while there were plenty of surprisingly sensible outfits, the most fun was had with the outrageous. "Lady Cumulus" fended off the rain with her blue-sky ensemble, and designer Emily Lalonde’s skirt of Crown Royal bags was the definition of party dress. However the winner of the night’s event was Jen Lamastra’s "Chastity Blinds" made from an astonishing mix of mini blinds, bike tubes, trunk locks, and cabinet hardware.

Whether you’re an avid re-user or someone who’s still trying to remember to turn the lights off when they leave a room, Junk to Funk is an entertaining reminder of the Portland mantra, "Reuse, Reduce and Recycle." So the next time you’re out shopping and you forget your reusable grocery bags at home, you don’t have to feel guilty about answering that annoying "paper or plastic" query because that bag is just a dress waiting to happen.

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