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Scenes from Lebowski Fest Portland

By Megan Udow August 10, 2009


The Dudes were out in force July 22-23 for the Portland Lebowski Fest: Speed of Sound Tour. The 1998 Coen Brothers cult classic, The Big Lebowski, has been inspiring its fans, aka the ‘Achievers’, to don bathrobes in public and double up on White Russians for years, so it’s only fitting that the festival finally made its way to Portland.

Dudes, Maudes, and Walters alike got to watch their fave film at the Aladdin Theater and throw some strikes at the Hollywood Bowl. It was a frenzy of Lebowski love from a contingent of obsessives dressed as bowling pins and soiled rugs that, in a former life, "really tied the room together." Even a nihilist could appreciate photographer Heather Zinger’s slideshow dedicated to all things Lebowski. These people are not amateurs.

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