Fantasy Mayor 2012

Candidate: Patricia McCaig

By Zach Dundas October 14, 2011 Published in the November 2011 issue of Portland Monthly

Photo: Steamroller courtesy istock image #9953064


This local power broker, insiders say, saved John Kitzhaber’s once-floundering bid for a third term. She then became the new guv’s consigliere on the huge Columbia River Crossing bridge project … after working for a CRC contractor. Triple play!


We all kvetch about politicians who don’t “get anything done.” To judge by her apparent success in pushing a multibillion-dollar bridge few people (aside from highway planners and construction workers) seem excited about, McCaig would make a perfect one-term steamroller to flatten stubborn constituencies. Clackamas County voters reluctant to pay for a new Sellwood Bridge? CRUNCH! Nostalgists for uncapped reservoirs? SPLAT! What else you got?


McCaig scored $72,000 for her work for Kitz and more than $100,000 for her CRC efforts. If we decide we need her, can we afford her?

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