Oregon's Best Winter Beers

Hark! A six-pack of local brews delivering cold comfort this holiday season.

12/02/2013 By Christian DeBenedetti


Oregon Beer Guide

Your guide to the best of Oregon craft brewing

07/01/2013 With Christian DeBenedetti, Kasey Cordell, John Chandler, Zach Dundas, Aaron Scott, Benjamin Tepler, Marty Patail, and Branden Andersen Edited by Rachel Ritchie


50 Best Oregon Beers

Oregon’s best craft brews, organized (loosely) by style, from amber and IPA to saison and sour.

07/01/2013 By Christian DeBenedetti


The Portland Monthly Summer Six Pack

The ultimate mix of summery pilsners, lagers, and sessions to soak up the season

07/01/2013 By Christian DeBenedetti and Rachel Ritchie


Oregon Beer Destinations

Weekend trips into the heart of beer country—Astoria, Hood River, and Bend

07/01/2013 By Christian DeBenedetti


Portland vs Portland

With a dozen breweries, the other Portland—Maine, that is—is rapidly encroaching on the Rose City’s global brew cred.

07/01/2013 By Christian DeBenedetti


The Shell Shock: Saving Oregon’s Hazelnuts

Oregon’s hazelnut farmers have been waging a slow war against a deadly blight for two decades. Now science has saved the trees, but can the industry save the orchards?

12/14/2012 By Christian DeBenedetti


Ask a Beer Geek

Three quick but helpful questions to steer your summer beer ingestion.

08/20/2012 By Christian DeBenedetti and Emma Hall


The New Masters

Five local beer masters working their breeches off to better microbrews for you and for the future. Skill and international experience make these talented men and women poised to redefine what it means to be "beer."

08/20/2012 By Christian DeBenedetti


Lust List

Portland's industrial designers produce beautiful objects with everyday uses, from zip drives and keyboards to camp stoves and bicycles.

07/23/2010 By Christian DeBenedetti


ID-ing P-town

Portland industrial designers are being noticed on a national scale, but what's next?

07/02/2010 By Christian DeBenedetti

Get Out!

What It Takes…

Three harrowing tales of wilderness survival thanks to quick, calm thinking in moments of peril.

05/17/2010 By Christian DeBenedetti and Kasey Cordell

Green City

The Ripple Effect

And we've got *15 BIG IDEAS* that prove it: crushed-glass countertops, a greener carpet cleaner, solar-powered wineries, a planet-healing hospital, shoes from soda bottles, a better microprocessor, and more ideas that are changing our world.

05/19/2009 By Christian DeBenedetti, Camas Davis, and John Chandler Edited by Kasey Cordell

Gloves Out, Bottoms Up

Beer Brawl

All meteorological evidence to the contrary, Colorado and Oregon actually have much in common. We have the Cascades; they’ve got the Rockies. (And no, we don’t want to read any letters about how much more “epic” the Rockies are. Save it for the chairlift,

05/19/2009 By Christian DeBenedetti

Good Reads

Book Smarts

So you call yourself a Portlander? Not unless you own a dog-eared copy of every one of these classic titles.

05/19/2009 By Christian DeBenedetti