The Portland Monthly Summer Six Pack

The ultimate mix of summery pilsners, lagers, and sessions to soak up the season

By Christian DeBenedetti and Rachel Ritchie July 1, 2013 Published in the July 2013 issue of Portland Monthly

We love cozy stouts and belly-warming browns as much as anyone—but when that Oregon sun is blazing, we reach for refreshing pilsners, lagers, and sessions. Pair our select mix of summery brews with six classic ways to soak up the season.  

Throughout the month of July, these crisp Oregon brews will be available in our Locals Only Seasonal Six at New SeasonsPick one up and enter our contest!

Deschutes River Ale

Tasting Notes: It’s fair to call this a session beer—sociably low-alcohol, makes for extended sipping—but ample Cascade and Crystal hops kick this light golden ale up a notch. 4% ABV 

Drink It: On top of a mountain (we recommend Saddle or Wind), with a bag full of trail mix, your choice of jerky, and only-in-Oregon views.


Full Sail Session Lager

Tasting Notes: Barbecue-friendly stubby bottles, critically acclaimed pre-Prohibition-style recipe ... what’s not to love about this crisp, golden brew? It comes in six-packs, but it’s wise to buy by the case. 5.1% ABV 

Drink It: Around a campfire. Be sure to bring enough to last until the fire dies—nobody likes running out of these adorable stubbies.


Ninkasi Sterling Pils

Tasting Notes: “We love to make lagers,” says founder Jamie Floyd. It shows. This malt-forward, German-style pilsner with spicy, crackling hop notes may be your new summer standard. 5.1% ABV

Drink It: After a day spent yanking weeds in the garden, dirt under your fingernails and sweat still fresh—and preferably with your feet up.


Occidental Kölsch

Tasting Notes: A clear, dry, golden ale that’s cold-conditioned like lager, kölsch—the traditional brew of Cologne, Germany—is a great thirst quencher. Occidental’s, with spicy Perle hops, nails it. 4.4% ABV

Drink It: On a river! There’s nothing quite like sipping a can of craft brew while canoeing gentle rapids through Douglas fir and red cedar forests.


10 Barrel ISA

Tasting Notes: A hugely refreshing ale with a late dose of grapefruity-tasting Cascade, Summit, and Centennial hops, this one is fast becoming a standby—if on the high side of “session.” 5.5% ABV

Drink It: At Collins Beach on Sauvie Island—after picking as many ripe blueberries, marionberries, and peaches as you can carry.


Fort George Quick Wit

Tasting Notes: To the classic, unfiltered Belgian wit (or “white,” made with wheat, coriander, and orange zest), these bold coastal brewers add bright lemongrass and elderflower. 5.2% ABV

Drink It: At a backyard barbecue. Bring four of these wheaty wonders, and watch in awe as they disappear before the meat even hits the grill.

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