Xurros at 180

Image: Karen Brooks

The mural on the wall at Northeast Portland’s 180 shop said it all: XURROLAND. Steps away, deep fryers sizzled with made-to-order Spanish xurros good enough to nab Portland Monthly’s “Best Dessert 2016” award (as well as Bon Appetit’s). The shop percolated as the sweet arm of Chesa, the experimental Spanish-modern restaurant from Jose and Cristina Chesa, best known for their Northwest Portland eatery, Ataula. For all its good points, Chesa never found its audience, closing in 2017. The space was taken over by women’s food collective and creative event space, the Nightwood. Now, as part of the lease agreement, the Nightwood has (as of July 31) taken over the entire space. 

The Chesas are on the hunt for a new location. The hope is to move 180 closer to Atuala in Northwest Portland, which is suddenly surging with new food and drink options after years of east-side dominance of the restaurant world. In the meantime, the Michelin-trained duo say they might deploy Portland’s favorite survival tactic: pop-ups. What would summer be without a 180 xurro ice cream sandwich? Stay tuned for details.

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