Best Restaurants 2016: Xurroland

Portland’s Best Dessert of 2016: Xurros at 180

Behold the life-altering power of a tube of fried dough.

By Karen Brooks October 10, 2016

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If a doughnut shop could be crowned the “Restaurant of the Year,” this would be it. (Yes, we almost did this.) In a city already fixated on goofy glazed treats, 180 swooped in and perfected xurros, Spain’s signature long, skinny fried tubes—digging deep into Euro tradition, adding Portland-playful fillings and chef collaborations, and achieving a level of commitment rarely found near a deep-fryer. The tiny café, co-owned by David Martin and the Chesa crew next door, is arguably the best Spanish xurro shop in America. It took three alums of a three-Michelin-star kitchen to nail the deets: the perfect dough (barely sweet, super crisp, seemingly weightless), the perfect fryer temperature (180 Celsius, of course!), and a crazy plan to fry and fill orders on the spot. Meanwhile, 180’s xocolata drinking chocolate transcends with PDX’s outstanding small-batch Cocanú, whose bars are complex in ways you can’t explain. The poster says it all: we now live in XURROLAND. 

(Want more xurros? We've got a guide to 180's best finds.)

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