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It’s OK, it’s happened, we’ve all done it: you have confused “standing in line” with “having a great brunch.” Verdigris, a dignified little white-walled room on NE Fremont Street, is here to sort out the category error. This is a place where you can—wait for it—make a reservation for brunch, for a party of any size. You can then enjoy such refined (but generous) offerings as ricotta pancakes with fig compote and chantilly like the civilized human you are. The 60-minute eggs with ham is something of a house signature, while the duck fat hash browns could well become an addiction. 1315 NE Fremont St, verdigrisrestaurant.com —ZD


These are the waffles prophecy foretold: divinely crunchy, crowned with spicy chicken and pickle-craft, or, if you like, a frozen wonder of black sesame ice cream. They’re dispatched in a Hemingway-meets-Chinatown setting for Expatriate’s weekend brunch, while a High Fidelity–caliber record collection spins on two turntables. And if you think you’re bored with Bloody Marys, think again. Like everything here—fantastic, condiment-crazed congee to a suave, shrimp-toasty burrito—Expat’s Bloody ripples with spice and adventure. 5424 NE 30th Ave, expatriatepdx.com —KB

Whiskey Soda Lounge

On weekends only, in a colorful setting of Cambodian pop and Asian ephemera, Thailand’s little-known a.m. flavors make a rare appearance in Portland (or America, for that matter). Andy Ricker, founder of neighboring Pok Pok, concentrates on his ongoing traveling breakfast rituals: sweet pork-laden buns; jok creamed with bouncy pork, crullers and pandan coconut custard for dipping; stir-your-own coddled eggs with finger-size “soldier” toast, and, of course, drip-brewed Vietnamese coffee. 3131 SE Division St, whiskeysodalounge.com —KB